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Glenugie Peak Organics (GPO) is a second generation, family owned and operated business specialising in the packing of Australia’s unique eucalypt honeys. We are situated on the north coast of New South Wales (NSW), being adjacent to one of Australia’s most prolific honey producing regions, namely the central tablelands and western districts, where some of the worlds finest honeys are produced.

We sit at the foot of Glenugie Peak, an extinct ancient volcano, the only part of it left to our time being the weathered down basalt core, a stylised depiction being our business logo. We are B-Qual certified, so our customers can be certain of our quality assurance programme.

We offer a range of premium honeys under our flagship label (GPO) and under the Bonville Pure Honey brand. Bonville Honey is packaged in PET plastic bottles, squeeze bottles and tubs, whereas our (GPO) range is packed in glass hexagonal jars, featuring a variety of unique flavours to choose from. Our GPO Yellowbox honey (Eucalyptus Meliodora) is undoubtedly the best Yellowbox money can buy, and our other honeys are all favourites among our loyal clientele.

We also produce Creamed Honey and have perfected the art of making this product and now have a loyal following among our domestic customers.

Stockists of our products can be found under the Stockists section of this website, we also offer a contract packing service for a range of honey products, including Manuka tailored to customer’s specifications. Talk to us here at Glenugie Peak Organics about your requirements, we are happy to work with you to supply the best Australian honey to customers.

Contact us online at sales@gporganics.com.au

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